I'm Alexandra.



Flappy Rick

Rick and Morty take on flappy bird in this broswer based, canvas game. Utilized P5.js library for game animations and finite state machine for game phase staging. Consumes it's own API.

HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Express, AngularJS, JWT, P5


Find songs to fit your mood. Enter the artist's name and title of a song. Modus will serve up 100 songs, consuming the Last.fm API, to make you feel the same. User authentication with JWT.

HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Express, AngularJS, JWT

Lasers vs. Bubbles

Pew! Pew! It's a quick little canvas game, based on Asteroids.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, P5

Good Game

Goodgame is an app that lets you catalog video games into user curated gamelists like "currently playing", "wishlist", and "played". A little like Goodreads or Spotify, but for video games.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, Node, Express, AngularJS, JWT

Girl Gang

Girlgang is a single-page, sessions based, four model CRUD app build with MVC file organization. A place to collect and share media that celebrates and empowers all things femme.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node, Express, AngularJS, Session

Simon Universe

A game application based on the 80's classic, Simon, and inspired by the cartoon Steven Universe.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Pixel Weather

A weather app that uses geolocation and consumes the openweather API to display the current weather.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery


A quick hangman game.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

Ancient Clapbacks

A random generator of sassy, ancient quotes. Quotes can then be tweeted!

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

I'm Alexandra

As a classics major turned program manager, I combine my passions for creativity, ingenuity, and teamwork to solve complex problems and make them accessible to others. As a developer, I create interesting and new things that help people think, create, and do more.

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